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Some Training Back-story

19 May

The training has been a challenge this winter into spring.  I had been working on a plan that should have netted 850 miles from February until now,  but unless I get a few more miles tomorrow, I’ll end up with 714.  The weather has made that a challenge.  I’ve probably ridden every day conditons made it possible

February and March went reasonably on-plan.  But then it got interesting.  Our Fort Collins watershed was at 72% of normal water-year precipitation on April 8.  On May 2 it was at 95 – 100%.  I prefer the moisture to drought (wildfires, crop failures, you know) but the storms have made riding a challenge.  The first was a small one, on April 9, then 15″ of snow April 15-17, then 3″ April 22, then a massive dump on May 1.  Here is our back patio and pond on May 2 morning:

Blue Heron May 1

East Patio, May 1 Storm

On this morning, I got out for a quick 26 miles over Bingham Hill in 20 mph northwest wind, only my second morning ride of the year in shorts and short sleeves.  Every thing else has been in tights, legging, long sleeves, jackets…. But the day was stunningly beautiful, and the trip back from the top of Bingham was all downhill and downwind.  Woohoo!

Pleasant Valley, Colnago, May 19

Monday we pack.  Tuesday we fly.


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